Who was Laurent?

Laurent Edouard Lafargue

This project has been put together in honor of Laurent Lafargue. Laurent had a heart like no other. He loved  being involved in missions and always worked to make the world a better place. Laurent inspired many in his work and offered everything he could. Laurent especially had a heart for homeless people and families. One of the stories that his wife, Beth, loved to share is the one where he ran to the gas station and came back with a veteran who was barely making it. Laurent put the man up in a hotel room and helped him out. He became the Mission Chair here at First United Methodist Church of Hammond and was always looking for new mission to help. His love for theater supported our Wing and a Prayer Productions and his love for food served many homeless people in the Hammond area. He helped kick off Servolution and used his special meatball recipe for smaller meals on the church property. 

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